Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Libya, Rafale stats

Defense journalist, Jean Dominique Merchet, has published some interresting statistics concerning the Rafale missions in Libya :

Weapon specialists load a GBU on the Rafale M23
  • 3 months of non stop operation
  • more than 700 sorties
  • 3800 flight hours
  • 5h30 of average mission time
  • up to 28 Rafale engaged at the same time
  • several Rafale have loged more than130 flight hours in one month (one of them has even reached 140h in a month)

Weapon specialists prepare a scalp cruise missile
weapons fired :
  • 10 scalps
  • 182 AASM bombs
  • 116 GBU
  • 300 recce sorties


  1. Rafale can now be officially (both in industry and in media) labelled a battle-tested 4th generation platform.

  2. Rafale is so sexy yet so lethal.