Monday, June 27, 2011

MMRCA, IAF chief states the selection process was transparent and fair

“Right in the beginning when this deal was going through, I had said that whoever we select, the others would always be dissatisfied. So I think it is a case of that..
As far as the entire process of the MMRCA selection is concerned I think it is one of the finest things the Air Force has ever done. 

There was no security breach, a very fair treatment was given to everybody, every vendor briefed as per RFP and in fact the process has gone so well and so timely that I would like to patent that process..After all these were six of the best aircraft in the world...very little difference in all these, very difficult to decide which is the best, ultimately what suits our country - the best has to emerge as the best. That doesn't mean the other aircraft are bad,.
The process was very elaborate. As you are aware each aircraft had 600 testing points. So the whole thing went through in a very professional manner and I must compliment the team that undertook this task - very well done,”

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