Monday, June 20, 2011

Le Bourget 2011, Dassault aviation CEO press conference

Main points :

Lybia :
Spectra has allowed the Rafale to enter first in the Libyan airspace while the
Lybian Air defenses were still solid.
Total interroperability, excellent reliability and availability demonstrated
AASM demonstrated at a range of 57 km against a tank
All the scalps launched have hit their target

Rafale F3+ :
First deliveries in 2013
RBE-2 AESA qualification in 2012 and deliveries in 2013
Meteor planned for 2018 or earlier
Other improvements expected due to field experience : on the Canon, FBW system, introduction of concrete bombs ...

French deliveries :

180 Rafale on order
98 delivered (the 100th is flying and its delivery is expected in September)
82 planes remain to be built between now and 2018 at a rate of 11 aircrafts/year
Further deliveries for french needs should continue until about 2025

Program cost increase only by 4.7% in 25 years thanks to significant optimizations to reduce production costs.
Rafale global cost would be 60% less expensive than a typhoon
Dassault Aviation CEO says he's "more than optimistic" for the Indian contest adding that the Rafale does have capabilities that the Eurofighter doesn't.
Indian offsets requierements are vey high and could be difficult to fulfill.
Dassault declined to answer the japan's RFQ/RFI because they are convinced that the Final choice will be american, no matter what. "We don't want to spend money to serve as a rabbit for the USA" said Edelstenne.
Switzerland competion re-opened with very good chances for the Rafale
9 Tonnes engine for the UAE can be offered without any problem
Brazil FX-2 competition in stand by but should start up again in 2012

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