Monday, June 13, 2011

Rafale M14 diverted to Malta

©Simone Farrugia - Luqa, Malta June 8th 2011
The Rafale M14 landing at Luqa Airport, Malta, on June 8th 2011 with live mica missiles and reco-NG pod. This Rafale is usualy operating from the CdG to enforce the no fly zone over Libya. It may have encountered a technical problem forcing it to make an emergency diversion to Malta.

edit : Apparently the plane just made a simulated approach and didn't land. Then, it probably returned to the CdG. (see Malteserfred commentary)


  1. This Rafale M only made an approach and overshot the runway. Did not land. The Rafale Bs x2 Air force landed on the 1st July were the first ones to land here in Malta.