Sunday, February 26, 2012

DGA, a Rafale M loan to UK would be possible

During the DGA annual result press conference on Tuesday February 22, Laurent Collet-Billon, head of the French defense procurement agency said :

[...] "If one day we have to lend Rafale Ms to the Royal Navy, why not? Personally, I’d find that very pleasing " [...]

As the carrier version of the F-35 is facing unexpected technical difficulties (arresting hook issue) the British forces would seek interim solutions involving the F-18 or the Rafale M fighter jets.
Several British pilots are also involved in a training program to fly French Navy Rafale in order to maintain some core carrier operations competencies until the British aircraft carriers are operational.

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  1. The British have carriers, the French have planes - this cries "synergy!!" so loud it almost hurts.

    And as both are getting closer in defence matters, at least officially, this could be deal that really would show they mean it, especially if they deploy together as well. Then it would not just be tinkering together on some drone.