Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Switzerland, After Press conference, Swiss open to concrete offer from Dassault

Swiss open to concrete offer from Dassault for jets

Feb 14 (Reuters) - Switzerland would be prepared to examine a concrete offer from rival Dassault to buy figher jet planes if it were to be presented with one, its defence minister said on Tuesday.

"We've asked the French to give us a really concrete offer," Defence Minister Ueli Maurer told a news conference on Tuesday.

"If we really do get a lower offer, we'd be able to look at it. We only have a deal with Sweden when the parliament's given the funding and there's possibly been a referendum," he said.


  1. France Could Loan Rafales to Royal Navy

    1. If the other deals happen it could be the Rafale's honour lap. Not a sale really, but a nice, prestiguous touch to the profile.

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