Friday, February 10, 2012

FX-2, India to share MMRCA evaluation experience with Brazil

C. Amorim (left) and AK Antony (right)
A week after India decision to select the Rafale, the Brazilian Defense Minister, Celso Amorim, has met his Indian counterpart, AK Antony, in order to get  insights on the MMRCA selection procedure. Indeed Brazil has its own contest (FX-2 for 36 jets) going on, and is expected to select a fighter this year. The three contenders are the F/A-18E, the Gripen and of course the Rafale which would be the front runner as per the last declarations of the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff when she came in France last year.

 "Brazil is in the process of buying a fighter jet. You have already reached the final stages of the fighter selection for the air force. They have promised to give us some documents on the selection process, such as basic rules on the tender process that we could compare to ours," Amorin said to the Times of India

Nervertheless he also added :
"Sharing of experience doesn't mean we follow your decision," 

In the meantime, the folha de SaƓ Polo was reporting yesterday, February 9, that the decision to select the Rafale would have already been done by the Brazilian government, with a possible contract signature after the French elections in May. According to the Newspaper, the Rafale's fair and square victory in India would have been a clear signal for the Brazilian government to opt for the French Fighter.

So it seems that, besides the Indian deal which will required several months to be signed, at least one more export coul be finalized quite rapidly this year. But as usual, we should be very carefull not to consider a deal done until it has actually been signed.

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  1. We have to be cautious I know, skin of the bear and all that...

    But maybe soon the might rename the plane from "Rafale"(gust of wind) to "boulle de neige"(snowball) :-)