Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Video, Right now you are flying a Rafale M

Edit the video is not available anymore :( is back online :)
Agapanthe 2010-2011 French Rafale: French Navy Dassault Rafale on Patrick Aviation.

A must see video made by the 12F squadron during the Agapanthe 2010-2011 mission over Afghanistan (3-4 months before the Libyan conflict).

Rafale 12F Agapanthe 2010-2011 from Cougar133 on Vimeo.

The video itself is a wink to the "Fighter Flying serie" made by the US Navy F-14 squadrons in the 90ies-2000 until 2004 ... the last one with the most famous "Right Now clip" (see below)

At 14:58 you can see footage of the famous Gulf of Sidra interception when 2 Libyan Mig-23 were shot down by 2 F-14 of the VF32 Swordsmen squadron on January 4, 1989