Friday, February 10, 2012

MMRCA, Rafale better than Eurofighter.

Disclamer: This post is purposely provocative ;)

For sure, Rafale is a better Navy fighter than the Typhoon
After the elimination of the Eurofighter from the MMRCA contest (leaving the Rafale as the only contender for the mega deal) UK has sent a delegation to India in a last and desperate attempt to force India to buy the Eurofighter instead of the Rafale based on the most naive argument of them all: The Eurofighter is a better plane than the Rafale as stated by British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Well, is it ?

Aquisition price and maintenance costs : Apparently the Rafale is better as the Indian Ministry of defence has just concluded that the French jet is 15% 22% less expensive to buy and operate than the Typhoon.

Air to Air efficiency : Despite all the urban legends spread by the British lobbies, the Rafale does prevail in the Air to air role. Notably, the Rafale was rated clearly higher (in both defensive and offensive A2A missions) than the Eurofighter by Switzerland after 2 very serious evaluations by the Swiss Air Force whose primary requirerment was for an Air Defense fighter.

 Air to Ground efficiency : No contest here, the Rafale's statistics in Libya speaks for themselves. The British Eurofighter, with their limited Air to ground capabilities,  barely did half of the sorties and 1/5 of the tasks accomplished by the Rafale during the conflict (see below).

Compliance with Indian long term strategic framework: Again the Typhoon is lagging severely in this area.
  • The Rafale is carrier capable, the Eurofighter is not
  • The Rafale platform is optimized for nuclear strikes, not the Eurofighter
  • The Rafale will share many weapons with the upgraded IAF Mirage 2000, that's not the case of the Eurofighter
  • The Rafale has no string with US missiles used by Pakistani F-16, the Eurofighter currently uses the same american BVR missile as the PAF...
  • Rafale is more effecient
  • Rafale is more versatile
  • Rafale is more mature
  • Rafale is more independant
  • Rafale is cheaper
 So, Mister Cameron, let's be honnest: The Rafale is a better plane than the Eurofighter. And India knows it.

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  1. thanks for the blog..i am reading ,surfing and understanding this deal from last 18 months,every day i read 2 hours for mmrca and the fighters.As per decision point of view this is the perfect decision i have ever heard .

  2. If India or any other country in the world think about Multi role fighter then TECHNICALLY (Not Politically) the EF and Rafale are the best fihters in the world.IAF did the same and selected these two for further negotiations...and if we look and add future prospects of IAF (Kaveri engine,submarine,avionics,earlier experience with Mirage and Lat but not the least PRICE) RAFALE is no doubt a winner

  3. Salut Kovy,
    pour les statistiques en Libye, il faudrait ramener ces valeurs sur le nombre d'avion engagé pour un peut moins "Biased"

    1. They should have engaged more fighters then.
      UK does have more Eurofighter than France has Rafale. if they can't engage enough of them because the plane is not ready or because it can't fullfil all the tasks needed, then it's a drawback.

      The Rafale flew many more missions because they could be task for SEAD, recce and deep strike missions.