Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MMRCA, Rafale International official Web Site

Rafale International has released its official Web Site for the Indian contest.
Reading quickly throuh the numerous pages, one will notice that Dassault emphasizes on the Navy version of the Plane for the Indian Navy.

[...]The aim of the RAFALE candidacy for the MMRCA program is to provide the Indian Air Force (and later Indian Navy when a similar combat aircraft program is launched) with a combat aircraft at par with the political and military rank of India in the coming decades, able to ensure and to maintain the local air superiority of India.

[...]French aircraft have always taken part to the Indian history serving the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy over the years and the wars. 

[...]Operational in the French Navy since 2004 and in the French Air Force since 2006, the RAFALE of the French forces have been engaged in various campaigns over Afghanistan and recently in Libya, in the most severe environmental conditions :
  • from the Charles de Gaulle carrier in the warm seas of the Indian Ocean or  of the Mediterranean
  • from the high altitude rough airfields of the Himalaya or the desert of Libya,
[...]With full commonality with the Air Force version, the RAFALE is also available in a Navy version to be operated from an aircraft carrier. [...]

 The message is clear: If you like the ground base versions, you will love the Navy one.


  1. But India use STOBAR aircraft carrier, not CATOBAR. Is it really possible to use Rafale on it?

    1. Well if a Mig-29 can do it, A Rafale will, too. Everything is a question of maximum payload and minimum relative wind on the deck allowed.
      BTW, India could very well switch to CaTOBAR aircraft carriers during the next decade... who knows ?

  2. Kovy,

    In a post in January you asked yourself, why Dassault "have just hired a famous Indian Public Relation firm. [...] why so late in the process ?"

    I think here is your answer :-)
    It was to prepare for the beginning of a new process.



  3. Is rafale has stealth capability or not pls specify......what is the diffrence between f 22 and rafale.

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